Meaning of numbers

Numbers And Their Amazing Numerology Meanings

numerology meaningsNumbers are codes for life, they hold the power to enlighten our lives with positivity. Whilst also ensuring that the negativity gets banished in some horrid black hole never to resurface! One – This initiates the power of leadership and sparks authority at the point of being dogmatic with people and peers around you. These individuals are most content when multitudes of people are under their sole control.

Where they have people under their weight and presence like hapless sheep looking for their shepherd! Individuals holding the magnetic hold of number one, they should ease out the task of loving thy self and let other meeker souls enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame as well. Two – If you’re a number two then the numerology meanings of this number, shows your relationship with number one, will probably be a fabulous one! Giving how submissive and subservient you are you’re a born follower and prevent arguments and confrontations at every possible interval. Life for you is one smooth road where roadblocks are small and minuscule since you don’t bother too much with them. Three– People who befall with the number three are mediators between the extreme personalities of one and two.

They enjoy life each day as though it were their last. Not extremists in any manner or way,. They are light hearted people who don’t tend to take life so seriously. Four– The number four represents exactly what it says, like the four edges of a wall or pillar. It’s a number that’s as solid as life can possibly be. house numerologyToo bent on being meticulous with structure and organization people who identify themselves with this number are actually considered dull. And let it be said, boring, since they don’t really feel the essence and zest of life. The little pleasures that provide an infinite amount of love is something that is overlooked by such creatures of order and semblance. Five andSeven – People with number five are challenge seekers and love an intense challenge.

They are the kind who like to break free from monotony and the mundane routine tasks. People with number seven in their destiny are intuitive individuals who tend to transcend beyond the level of mere mortality. Reflective and intuitive by nature this particular breed doesn’t like to be associated to materialistic matters. Six and Eight – Number six defines the qualities that make up the quintessential domesticated goddess. Harmonious, caring, loving and supportive are on top of the priority list for this lass! Nine – Probably the most powerful number in the numerology meanings number line-up is nine. It depicts a level of self actualization and fulfillment and one where a point of contentment and self- actualization is actually achieved.